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9001 14001 TS 16949 ger tb pRegionally as well as internationally we want to be the best partner for our clients. Therefore we have established a well-functioning system for quality management, in order to meet the high quality requirements of suppliers and customers.

To ensure constant quality from raw materials to the finished parts, our products need to pass several quality control mechanisms. Drexler Automotive GmbH has ISO 9001:2008, ISO 16949:2002 and ISO 14001:2015 certification.

We always follow our company principles:

  • We always want to be a reliable contact for all our customers
  • Deliver quality economically
  • Serve solid craftsmanship
  • Fulfill our customers’ requirements fast and unbureaucratically
  • Every single one of our employees strives to contribute to the company’s success and high performance


An overview of our quality portfolio

  • Five-axle measuring machines
  • Specific software for gearings
  • Free-form surfaces/ 3D-model target-performance comparison
  • Scanning of forms and feed the data back into the CAD System
  • SPC-Software
  • Counter Meter
  • Test rig for limited slip differentials
  • Test rig for gearboxes
  • Vertical-balancing machine

Our environmental policy 

Environmental protection and handling resources sustainably are an integral part of our long-term corporate strategy. It is one of our top business objectives to achieve economic success and growth in accordance with a responsible environmental policy, in order to avoid any harm to the environment to the greatest possible extent. With an open and active communication with all of our stakeholders, partners, employees, customers, organizations and the surrounding neighborhood, environmental protection is constantly executed and supported both internally and externally. This is a fixed component of all of our business activities and processes. The main objective of Drexler Automotive GmbH is to constantly fulfill the high quality requirements for products and projects in an environmental-friendly and resource-efficient way.
Do not risk the future for short-term profits
Our company strives to comply with all official and regulatory requirements. Accordingly, all of our products unexceptionally fulfil the comprehensive official requirements applicable in this market, as well as company-specific standards.
Consideration of environmental compatibility during manufacture
One first priority and important part of our environmental policy is the protection of our employees against any health impairment during all processes of product manufacture, as well as protecting the company surroundings and the environment from any kind of damages and harm. Additionally, we are committed to conserving resources and also to make use of environmentally friendly energy sources and water-saving technologies. Furthermore all processes and practices to reuse, recycle and properly dispose goods and waste are continuously monitored and improved.
Informing, instructing and integrating employees for environmental protection
Here at Drexler Automotive, we believe that effective environmental protection can only be achieved with a responsible, constantly well-informed and integrated team. Concerning this matter, we in instruct our employees on the environmental guidelines and requirements to ensure their strict compliance, cooperation and improvement consciousness. The company promotes continuous and interactive communication and information for the elaboration of our environmental policy.
Measures adopted by the company
Drexler Automotive GmbH has developed and implemented a quality as well as an environmental management system that coordinates and controls all measures, actions and processes that concern business activities in an internal and external context, in particular in an environmental context. The following measures were included in our environmental management system:
- Avoid any activities and practices that endanger and / or harm human health and the environment.

- Existing hazardous substances should be replaced by more environmentally friendly alternatives.

- Our suppliers are integrated in environmental issues and preventive measures in this context.

- Possible risks to human safety and health as well as environmental risks are to be identified, evaluated and reduced to a minimum by dependable protective measures. The protection of the life and health of each individual has top priority to us and is to be ensured at all times.

- Overall environmental and safety awareness is to be continuously implemented and optimized.

- Any adverse effects on the environment must be controllable and ideally have to be eliminated.

- Waste production has to be avoided as far as possible; any unavoidable waste must be carefully separated, recycled and reused; if there is no alternative, the waste is carefully disposed according to the relevant regulations in force.

- The consumption and handling of energy sources has to be responsible, economical and efficient.

- In the long term, we strive a relatively lower consumption and waste production balance.


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