Technical questions

What is a Drexler limited slip differential?

Our limited slip differentials use a ramp and plate type internal arrangement.The contact pressure applied to the internal plates is achieved through the use of side gears and pressure rings. Thanks to our in-house production of the pressure rings we are able to provide different ramp angles for the acceleration and deceleration locking function of the limited slip differential. This feature helps to significantly improve vehicle handling and driveability. Drexler limited slip differentials offer a progressive locking function which ensures that it will work reliably even in situations where the car is able to loose traction.

Specified oil type and filling capacity?

Generally we advise to use the gearbox or differential oil recommended by the car's manufacturer with a limited slip oil additive. Filling capacities advised in the manufacturer's technical manual should be adhered to.

Correct tightening torque?

For information relating to the tightening torque of the crown wheel gear bolts please refer to the manufacturer’s technical manual.

How is the locking value of the limited slip differential calculated?

The method to determine the lock up torque percentage value of a ramp and plate type limited slip differential was originally devised by the automotive engineering group ZF. This company developed and manufactured the first ramp and plate type limited slip differentials. During this early period lock up torque calculations were simple. This was due to the ramp angles on both the acceleration and deceleration settings being identical. Added to this the number of friction plates was always the same.

Drexler Automotive's goal has always and remains to be that the installation of our limited slip differentials will see a significant improvement in a car's handling capabilities. In order to achieve this we recommend different ramp angles for the acceleration and deceleration settings. Furthermore the number of friction plates installed varies to suit the particular application. This makes calculations to determine the locking percentage values a little more complicated and also time consuming.

The limited slip differential internal setup is specified by the acceleration and deceleration ramp angle values. This information is also detailed on the pressure rings fitted inside the LSD unit.

How often does the limited slip differential require servicing or maintenance?

Road vehicles: We recommend to have the differential checked every 5-7 years or in every case after an accident. The cost of the inspection and servicing of the limited slip differential is priced in relation to the parts and service time that is required.
Motorsport: In competition applications we recommend to check the limited slip differential after every season of racing.
General: After every crash!

Organisational issues

How does the order process work and what does it involve?

An order can be placed by contacting our sales team via telephone or email. After the order has been received a member of our sales team will send an order confirmation document. Once the order is confirmed by the customer, it will be immediately processed by our sales team.

How can I pay?

In general new customers pay in advance via a bank transfer or in cash on collection of the parts.

How is an order processed with in-house manufacturing by Drexler?

•   The customer themselves or their trusted mechanic/ workshop removes the differential/gearbox unit from the vehicle
•   The differential/gearbox then needs to be delivered to the Drexler facility. We can also arrange collection and delivery of these components for the customer using our freight carrier
•   Once delivered the differential/gearbox will be disassembled, cleaned, inspected and measured
•   Additional costs for serviceable parts such as oil seals and bearings are carried by the customer. The cost of these parts is always detailed to the customer in the form of a quote. These parts will not be replaced until the customer has given their approval
•   With the approval of the customer, the differential/gearbox is then assembled with the limited slip differential
•   Delivery is made once payment is received or confirmed
•   The general time for this process is around 5 working days

How are shipping costs calculated?

Shipping costs are calculated individually for each order with the price depending on the delivery address, packaging dimensions and weight. Standard shipping is carried out by UPS Germany, TNT Express or with a forwarding agency.

Can a vehicle be delivered to Drexler's facility for installation of Drexler products?

The disassembly and installation of a rear axle/gearbox can be performed in-house, for deliveries of entire vehicles we have an experienced and trusted partner. Please gladly send us your request.


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