What is Formula Student Germany?

The Formula Student Germany is an international design competition for students, which is alligned every by the Formula Student Germany e.V. every year since 2006. The highlight here is the annual meeting at the Hockenheimring, where students from around the world compete their self-designed race cars against each other.

The task of this competition is to design and manufacture a single seat formula racing car, in order to compete against teams from around the world. In the Formula Student competition not the fastest car wins, but the team with the best overall package of construction and design as well as financial- and sales planning.

The challenge for the teams is to design and build a prototype that meets these requirements best. To determine the best vehicle, a jury of experts from the motorsport, automotive and supplier industry evaluates in the static events the design as well as the cost- and the business plan of each team. Additionally there are various dynamic events, where the students get to show their self-built racecars perform on the racetrack in practice.

Drexler provides worldwide engineering students advanced propulsion technology for Formula Student.

Mechanical limited slip differential

FormulaStudentThe self-locking differential of the company Drexler was specially developed for Formula Student applications to compensate the speed difference between the wheel on the inside and the one on the outside of the curve on the drive axle when cornering
With our system, you can display various blocking characteristics for acceleration and braking, in order to be able to react flexibly to a wide range of driving conditions.

The Drexler differential is weight-optimized and available in three different Versions:

- Version 1 bearing spacing cover 120 mm
- Version 2 bearing spacing cover 140 mm
- Version 3 bearing spacing cover 160 mm

We will be glad to assist you in technical details of the differential, as well as with technical data such as interface drawings, gearing data and (dis-) assembly instructions.

Technical Data

  • Weight at delivery: approx. 2 kg
  • max. Torque: 1.200 Nm
  • Preload at delivery: 45 - 50 Nm
  • Preload after Start-up phase: 30 - 35 Nm
  • three different versions to choose from

The most important at a glance

  • Formula Student-Package
  • Slip differential specially for FS racing cars „Lightweight“
  • one housing stand
  • three cover version for different bearing distances
  • six adjustment setups
  • sprocket blank with internal teeth
  • Providing drawings as PDF and STEP files (After signing the confidentiality agreement)
  • Differential assembly incl. main connecting dimensions and gear data
  • Dimensions of the adapter blank
  • Toothing data of the flange
  • Material and finishing recommendation
  • Assembly and disassembly instructions

Adjustable limited slip differential

For some time now we offer a Drexler adjustable limited slip differential for the Formula Student car.

This enables you to adjust the preload with a hook wrench and thus meet your individual requirements.

Clear advantages are the fast and efficient adjustment of the preload, in the case of changing weather conditions, as well as the immense time savings during test drives.

The adjustable limited slip differential is weight-optimzed and available in two different versions:

- Version 2 bearing spacing cover 140 mm
- Version 3
bearing spacing cover 160 mm

We are also glad to assist you with the adjustable F.S. locking differential in technical details of the differential, as well as with technical data such as interface drawings, gear data and (dis-) assembly instructions.

Technical Data

  • weight in shipping condition: about 2 kg
  • max. torque: 1.200 Nm
  • Preload: in shipping condition: 45 – 50 Nm
  • Preload: after run-in phase: 30 – 35 Nm
  • two different versions available
  • delivery incl. chain wheel adapter with internal splines, hook wrench and mounting stubs
  • adjustment mechanism (adjustment range: 0 up to max. 75 Nm)

Most important features at a glance

  • adjustable limited slip differential specially designed for Formula Student-racing vehicles
  • one housing version
  • two cover versions for different bearing spacers
  • six setup adjustment possibilities
  • wheel chain adapter raw part with internal splines
  • supply of drawings as PDF- and STEP-files (after signing of confidentiality agreement)
  • differential assembly incl. main mounting dimensions and spline data
  • dimensions of adapter raw part
  • spline data of flange
  • material- and surface treatment recommendations
  • assembly and disassembly instructions

Formula Student drive shaft system

For the Formula Student vehicle, we also offer our drive shaft system in the area of vehicle drive technology. You can define the length of the shaft using the Drexler sketch.
The tripod housing (on the gear side), as well as the tripod flange (on the wheel side), have a larger pitch circle and tooth diameter. In addition, the shaft and borehole diameters are expanded to obtain a higher torsional stiffness.

The Formula Student ATW kit is a customer-specific length-production, which is why stock production of the shafts is not possible.
In addition, we do not use standard materials (special heat treatment) in order to meet the performance requirements of the teams.
In order to be able to offer the parts as cheaply as possible, a batch production is required.

Our drive shaft system consists of

  • Drive shaft
  • Tripod joint and housing (on the wheel and and gear side)
  • Bellows and clamping ring

Advantages of the Drexler drive shafts

  • low maintenance
  • best materials
  • Tripod drive shafts
  • long life
  • high bending angles are possible
  • weight-optimized and smooth-running
  • improved performance due to reduced friction
Drexler has for years been a strategic partner of Formula Student racing series. Contact our sales team for further informations.


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