Another product of the vehicle drive-technology by Drexler are different types of drive shafts (systems). This product can be customized according the customer and application. You can also purchase many developments from our existing program for sports cars, formula cars, rally cars and touring cars.

Drexler Automotive offers countless variations of tripod-driveshafts, in the known high quality and reliability.

The tripod housing (gearbox side) and the tripod flange (wheel side) have a larger pitch circle and gear diameter. In addition, the shaft and borehole diameter is widened to obtain a higher torsional stiffness.

Our driveshaft system consists of

  • driveshafts
  • tripod-joints and housings (wheel and gearbox/differential side)
  • drive shaft boots and retainer clamps


  • low-maintenance
  • tripod-driveshafts
  • Long-life cycle
  • high bending angles of the driveshafts are permissible
  • smooth-running
  • weight optimized (hollow-bored driveshafts available on request)
  • easy and fast installation
  • improved performance though reduced friction

Motorsport Success

Championships: Formula 3 Euro Series, FIA World Touring Car Championship, FIA Hillclimb, German Rally Champion, ...
Rally Victories: FIA GT and numerous European endurance races, ...
Details about the functioning and the availability of our driveshaft system will be gladly explained by our sales team.


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