Drexler DGB003 Gearbox

One of the most successful gearboxes in Drexler's recent past is the formula racing gearbox DGB003. This gearbox is used worldwide in different race cars and can convince with very high quality and low cost maintenance.

Specifications & Advantages

  • FIA homologated
  • weight of approximately 36 kg (depending on delivery status)
  • low cost maintenance
  • maximum rpm: 10.000
  • 6 speed sequential gearbox
  • maximum torque: 300 Nm (F3) / 450 Nm (sports car)
  • can be fitted with an adjustable Drexler limited slip differential
  • wide range of ratios available (from 3.167:1 to 0.89:1)
  • fast delivery time of complete gearboxes and spare parts

Motorsport Success

Championships: Formula 3 Euro Series, Japan Formula 3 Series, German Formula 3 Series
Race Victories: Formula 3 Grand Prix Macau, Formula 3 Masters Zolder, British Formula 3

Drexler DGB005 Gearbox

For Mitsubishi EVO V to X models used in Group N competition Drexler Automotive can also provide upgraded internal gearbox parts.

Specifications & Advantages

  • all internals can be mounted in the standard Mitsubishi gearbox housing without any modification (FIA Group N regulation)
  • intelligently designed bearing carrier for greater stiffness and improved reliability
  • all gear ratios are FIA homologated
  • low power consumption
  • maximum rpm: 10.000
  • maximum torque: 550 Nm, EVO X version 750 Nm
  • enhanced internal-design for faster gear-changes
  • permanent and reliable after-sales support by Drexler

Motorsport Success

Championships: Finnish Rally, Irish Rally, Spanish Rally, Romanian Rally
Rally Victories: FIA PWRC, Austrian Rally (ÖM)

Drexler DGB006 Gearbox

The racing gearbox DGB006 already convinced customers in national and international racing series with numerous victories in short- and long-distance races on highest level. With the DGB006 we focus on endurance racing events such as 24H Dubai, 24H Nürburgring or 24H Spa.

The DGB006 was designed for front wheel driven cars and is a convincing choice thanks to its high quality standards, its long product lifetime and low maintenance costs.

Specifications & Advantages

  • compact design
  • weight of gearbox: 40 kg
  • cost- and time saving of revision
  • wide range of gear transmission ratio
  • Gearbox can be mounted on the left or right hand side of engine
  • Gearbox can be used as a supporting part
  • fast delivery and high availability of spare parts
  • high rigidity assembly for fast gear-changes
  • maximum rpm: 10.000
  • maximum Torque: 300 Nm (Petrol), 550  Nm (Diesel)

Motorsport Success

Championships: German Endurance (VLN)
Rally Victories: Argentinean Touring Car Championship (TC 2000), 25h race at Thunderhill

Torsional Stiff Clutchshafts

For all Drexler gearboxes we also offer custom made torsionally stiff clutchshafts to suit the customer’s individual requirements. We are also able to produce custom clutch shafts for other manufacturers competition gearboxes too:
  • any type of internal and external splining can be performed
  • any kind of deep drilling can be undertaken

Technical Manual
A detailed documentation of our gearbox types can be found in the area Download.

Details about the functionality and the availability of our gear types will be gladly explained by our sales team.


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