Based on the long-term expertise of company founder and former race driver Herbert Drexler, Drexler differentials rank among the best worldwide.

Since the formation of the company, more than 800.000 differentials available for over 350 vehicle types have served and convinced customers around the globe.
Due to the close contact to our customers and the continuous integration of their feedback, our products are adapted and optimized constantly, to make our customers even more satisfied and maximize their driving experience as well as their competitive success. 
For the manufacturing of our products we only use materials of best quality. In addition to that all our products have to pass various quality control stages and quality tests (on test benches as well as in vehicles).

Drexler differentials are available for a wide range of vehicles. Starting with formula racing cars and touring cars up to GT and series production vehicles. We are in the position to fulfill almost all individual customer requirements. We are happy to develop and produce your individual single piece.

Our mechanically controlled limited slip differentials provide improved traction of a vehicle in diverse situations and manners of driving. 


    • superior quality
    • low weight
    • small packaging size
    • high quality standards
    • cost- and time saving of revision
    • individual options of setup
    • more agility and driving pleasure
    • improve traction in driving situations such as starting, accelerating, brakes and dynamic cornering
    • precise handling by reducing the slip on the inside wheel
    • improved acceleration values after the curve and the start
    • stabilizes the vehicle driving conditions at high speeds


  • Touring cars
  • Sports cars
  • GT-Cars
  • Formula/ open wheel race cars
  • Rally cars
  • Truck racing
  • Hillclimb racing vehicles
  • Off road vehicles
  • Prototypes (small to large production)
  • Tuning cars
  • Series production cars
Special vehicles: 
  • Youngtimer
  • Oldtimer
  • pre-war racing cars

Adjustable limited slip differential

VerstellbaresSperrdifferenzialWe offer adjustable differentials for some of our specific products. These are used in Formula 3 racing cars for example and also homologated by the FIA.

The customer has the possibility to define the Pre-Load of the differential individually by using a special hex-wrench.

An excellent advantage to react to changing conditions in a fast and efficient way. In case there is no adjustable differential offered for your vehicle yet, we are happy to come up with a customized developed solution based on your order.


  • homologated for use in Formula 3 competition
  • saves time during initial setup and testing
  • availability of all spare parts
  • cost saving of revision
  • any necessary modification or adjustment of the preload can be accomplished rapidly
  • increased flexibility in changing weather conditions

Electromechanical limited slip differential

The innovation in the limited slip differential segment

GoldenesEdiffDeveloped for future driveline technologies, our patented electro-mechanical differential represents the current state of technology.

The intelligent drivetrain concept is based on an own in-house developed software algorithm that actively controls the differential depending on driving conditions.

This does not only lead to an impressive vehicle dynamic performance but also to significant safety advantages for the car driver.

We produce our electromechanical differential exclusively for the automotive industry. In its current state of development and production, it is not approved for sales to small- and private customers


  • increased driving stability during lane changes and slalom driving at high speed
  • best possible vehicle stability, -traction and -agility
  • increase of comfort compared to mechanical limited slip differential when shunting or driving in urban traffic
  • optimized intervention and adaption to any current driving situation, road condition and weather condition
  • expand spread between driving dynamics and handling, as well as comfort and safety
For additional information and questions about the functionality and the availability of our limited slip differentials for your vehicle, please contact our sales team .


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